Chat with your Mem

Available only in Mem X and included at no additional cost. 

Chatting with your Mem is a brand new way to interact with your knowledge. 
When chatting with your Mem, you can ask Mem to answer questions and create content for you, using the knowledge you've saved. (It’s also easy to import new knowledge from Notion, Evernote, or Markdown with our improved Imports flow.)
To get started, simply start typing in the chat box that is now in your Home. Try asking Mem “what can you do?” to see how you can get started. To return to the conversation at any time, use the Chat button in the top navigation bar.

Capabilities and Limitations

Here's what Mem can do today:
  • Answer factual questions about your notes: Mem can answer any questions about the knowledge you've saved, and retrieve specific notes by name. (Mem might not be right 100% of the time, so make sure to check its sources!) 
  • Answer open-ended questions about your notes: Mem can provide insights about what you've saved to help you get the most out of your knowledge.
  • Write: Mem can help you generate written content — like summaries or explanations — based on the knowledge you've saved.
  • Engage in conversation: Mem can chat with you and ask insightful follow-up questions. 
  • Save responses to Mem: Mem can save any response directly to your knowledge base — just click "Mem It" at the bottom of any response. Or, Mem can copy its response to your clipboard — just click "Copy".
  • Know its limits: Mem knows its limitations and will let you know if something has exceeded its knowledge or capabilities. Mem will also ask for clarification to help provide a better response.
  • Provide help and support: Using its knowledge from, Mem can help you with any questions you have related to using Mem (e.g. "Can I sync other calendars other than Google Calendar?" or "How do I import?")
Here's what Mem is currently learning to do:
  • Adapt to your interactions: Mem will craft an understanding of you based on your interactions in Mem. We call this Adaptive AI.
  • Anticipate your needs: Mem won't just respond to your instructions, it will anticipate what you need, even before it crosses your mind. We call this Proactive AI. 
  • Understand time: Mem will understand time-based references like "notes I created yesterday" or "the meeting last month." In the meantime, instead of using relative dates, you can describe notes using specific contextual details.
  • Take simple actions in Mem: Mem will be able to help you with actions, like creating tasks or creating scheduled notes.
  • Take simple actions outside of Mem: Mem will help you with simple actions in apps you use outside of Mem, like sending emails, scheduling calendar events, or setting reminders.
  • Access knowledge from your file attachments: Mem will be able to access information from any file you've attached to your notes. 
  • Access knowledge from your email and calendar: Mem will be able to access information from any email and calendar accounts that you choose to sync to Mem. 

Here's what Mem can't do: 

  • Access the internet: While Mem knows a bit about the outside world, Mem doesn't have access to information beyond 2021, and can't help you search the web.
  • Access tools outside of Mem: Mem doesn't have direct access to any external apps. 
Mem's capabilities are continuously being improved, so some of its limitations might be addressed in future updates. If you need anything else, just ask Mem! 

Use Cases

You can ask Mem to answer factual and open-ended questions about your notes:
You can also have Mem write, summarize, and generate ideas or email drafts utilizing the knowledge you already have:
If Mem creates something you’d like to share or save, simply use the  Copy or  Mem It buttons below.