Using Mem with your team

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A Guide to Using Mem with your Team

Mem uses AI to help unlock the collective intelligence of your team. With Mem, your team's information flows without unnecessary siloes, and our AI features enable natural-language searches and automatically resurface relevant relationships between the information you store, meaning that you and your team no longer have to spend hours searching for information. With Mem, you can also directly interact with your team's knowledge with Chat, where you can ask Mem to answer questions and create content for you, using the knowledge you and your team have saved.

Feature highlights

  • Chat: Using our AI-powered Chat, converse with the knowledge in your team's shared database. Read more here.
  • Similar notes: When viewing a note, you'll see similar notes in your right hand sidebar that surface relevant past notes created by you and your teammates, helping you discover past knowledge automatically
  • Smart search: find anything you're looking for with natural language search

Sharing notes

You can collaborate in Mem by sharing notes with anyone — including individuals (even if they don't have a Mem account), or groups.
To share a note with someone, click the blue "Share" button at the top of a note and type in their name. If their name doesn't appear in the suggestion dropdown, type in their full email. If you share a Mem with someone who does not have a Mem account, they'll receive an email letting them know that you've shared a note with them. They can then view and edit the note in guest mode, or create a Mem account and collaborate inside of Mem.
To share a note with a group, click the blue "Share" button at the top of a note and type in the name of the group you want to share with.
To quickly share the URL of a note with someone else, click the blue "Share" button in the top right corner of the note and click "copy collaborative link." Only those shared on the note can access the note via this link.
Once shared, these notes will become your team's collective knowledge, accessible to anyone who it's been shared with via Mem Chat.


Collaborate with a group of people by creating a group. To create and manage groups, click your profile picture in the top right corner of the app, click "Settings", and navigate to "Sharing groups."
You'll be able to share notes with everyone at once using the group name.

Right now, there's no way to share notes in bulk (including entire collections) with others. However, you can create groups (in Settings -> Sharing groups) which you can then share individual notes with. Every time you add a new user to the group, they will automatically be shared on all the notes shared with that group, which is a temporary workaround for bulk sharing.