Make use of scheduled mems

Scheduled mems allow you to automatically generate mems based on your schedule—whether that's a daily mem with top tasks and goals, a weekly team agenda, or a simple reminder to take out the trash.

To make your own Scheduled Mem, navigate to Flows > Scheduled Mems. You can generate a scheduled mem using a new or existing template and customize days of the week and time of day you'd like the mem to appear.

To create a scheduled mem using a new template, just edit the template text directly from the scheduled mems page — try this with recurring reminders or tasks.

To create a scheduled mem using an existing template, just choose your desired template from the dropdown —try this with your templates for recurring meetings, 1:1s, or daily mems.

You can even share scheduled mems with others, which will allow them to edit the content and timing.

Check out our tutorial to learn more about Scheduled Mems!