Manage your tasks

Getting things done in Mem is easier than ever. Tasks — which you can now navigate to through your left sidebar — automatically aggregates all your tasks from across all your mems in one place and lets you manage them without switching contexts. To create a new task, just type  ] + SPACE.

Then, head over to Tasks in your left sidebar to view and manage your todos. You can mark a task as done with  ⌘ Enter.

Or send a task to a future date with the right arrow. 

Hide a task with the left arrow.

Need more context on a task? Press  ⌥ Enter To view the Mem where the tasks originated.

View all your tasks at a glance with date-based sections. Explore and manage to-dos by navigating through your task list with the up and down arrow keys and pressing Enter to select an individual to-do item.

Watch our tutorial here: