Search the way you think

Searching in Mem is the best way to recall your digital knowledge. You can search the way your brain thinks by using conversational phrases to find what you're looking for, making compound searches, and narrowing your search results dynamically based on recommended filters.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of searches understood by Mem: 

  • Links (e.g. "has Google Drive links")
  • Specific dates and date ranges (e.g. "from July 2019")
  • Via SMS (e.g. "sent from text")
  • A specific editor (e.g. "Edited by Isabella")
  • Tasks (e.g. "has checklist")
  • Tags, including multiple (e.g. "#journal #daily")
  • Mem Groups (e.g. "Shared with Acme Corp")
  • Images (e.g. "with pictures")
  • Videos (e.g. "has videos")
  • Code (e.g. "contains code")

You can also combine multiple elements to form compound searches and help narrow your results, such as:

  • "Contains code from May 2020"
  • "Has pictures shared with Acme Corp"
  • "From SMS with #recipes"

When you hit enter on a search, you'll automatically be taken to a new results page rather than a specific mem. You'll now see all the results that match that query sorted by relevance, and Mem will also intelligently recommend filters you may want to apply based on what you're searching for, such as tags, editors, and dates.