How can I get access to Smart Write & Edit?

Subscribe to Mem X here to unlock Smart Write & Edit. 

Smart Write & Edit combines the latest in generative AI with the existing information stored in your Mem account to craft content that reflects your own unique knowledge, voice, and style. 

Other AI assistants can produce high-quality written content, but none of them knows you in the way that Smart Write & Edit do. For instance, you can ask Smart Write & Edit to: 

📬 Give you action items from your last meeting with a particular person or company
📚 Recommend a new book for you
🚀 Suggest on-brand ideas for your next blog post/article/product launch campaign
💽 Write a persuasive, customized email to a client highlighting the benefits of your company's new product
👯 Suggest relevant discussion points for your next meeting with a coworker.