My Texts flow isn't working!

All mems created via Text to Mem (via SMS, WhatsApp, or Telegram) will appear as unread mems in your Inbox. If you aren't seeing your texts come through, double check that you've entered your number correctly in Flows (in your left sidebar) -> Texts. 

If the flow still isn't working, you might have connected your phone number to multiple Mem accounts. Make sure that your phone number is only connected to a single Mem account. 

Also note that in the Text to Mem configuration page, there is an option to "Combine mems sent within [X] minutes." By default, this is set to 10 minutes, which means any texts you send to Mem within 10 minutes of a previous text will be combined into the same mem. If you're testing the flow and notice that new texts aren't appearing, they may have been combined into an existing mem. To disable the feature, set  "Combine mems sent within [X] minutes" to 0.